• Benedict Bracelet

  • Long revered as the most regal and wise creature of the Earth, Benedict is the almighty king of the ocean. With a name that means "blessed one," he certainly has blessed us all with his presence. In his young age, he has seen wars waged against his kind and he has heard the cries of those wrongfully imprisoned, cruelly used for entertainment and wealth. Benedict has seen his family treated as a commodity and property, but here he is loved and appreciated. In these waters, he has the freedom to swim entire oceans, to see his children grow up, to sing in the deep sea depths, to delight in the awe-inspiring underwater world he was born in - not enslaved in small fish tanks behind glass bars. Let him know you support his right to thrive by wearing his charm and he will surely sing ballads of your kindness.
    • Available in 14k gold plated
    • Charm measures 1.2 x 1.1 cm
    • Nickel-free
    • Lead-free

    This bracelet chain is delicate, we recommend taking it off before showering, swimming, exercising and sleeping to prevent any damage.

    Size Measurements:

    • Small 6.5 in // 16.51 cm
    • Medium 7.5 in // 19.05 cm
  • $ 16.00

  • Benedict Bracelet
  • Benedict Bracelet

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