Here at The Hungry Elephant, we care about your satisfaction of our jewelry and the quality of our products but more so the environment and workers producing our charms. We always use nickel-free and lead-free metals to ensure those purchasing our jewelry will not react to skin sensitivities brought on by wear. This ensures our jewelry is eco-friendly as well as health conscious. 


Lead is widely known for its toxic and poisonous effects in humans, animals, and the environment. It does not break down in the environment and accumulates in our body which can lead to permanent health damages. High levels of lead have been found in jewelry, especially inexpensive children’s jewelry, and we are proud to promote our message while maintaining the utmost care for health and sustainability.

Nickel is known to cause major health concerns among workers exposed to gaseous nickel-laced fumes and has negative effects on the environment when fumes are introduced into air. However, nickel plating is used in an array of products including coins, magnets, stainless steel, electronics, and industrial machines due to its appealing mirror-like finish. Since we do not include nickel in our jewelry, they are more prone to tarnishing after prolonged wear and exposure.

In order to decelerate tarnishing, we insist taking off jewelry before sleeping, showering, swimming, and exercising. Any contact with water, sweat, lotions, sprays, perfumes, or chemicals with prolonged wear will accelerate tarnishing. After wear, we recommend wiping jewelry from acquired body oils or residue and keeping jewelry in cool, dry storage area, as plated jewelry will eventually tarnish when exposed to open air. 

Our current line of products adheres to high quality standards that utilizes copper, zinc alloy, imitation rhodium, and 14k gold, however we are always researching innovative ways to make our charms better, with you and the Earth in mind.